Masseria owes its success to a close-knit team of gifted, dedicated professionals. In terms of both cuisine and service, our standards are high – and so are those of our guests. In the kitchen, everything is created from scratch, with great attention to detail, including bread service and all ingredients supporting the cocktail program; we practice whole animal butchery. Our front-of the-house team provides seamless service  to our guests with knowledge and warmth.

If you are interested in joining the ranks of this proud and hard-working team, apply at attention David Kurka.

Currently Hiring:

Captains (for Masseria)

Hosts (for Masseria)

Sommeliers (for both Masseria & Officina)

FOH Management (for both Masseria & Officina)

Cooks (for both Masseria & Officina)

Pastry Cooks (for both Masseria & Officina)

Pastry Sous Chefs (for both Masseria & Officina)

Part-Time Marketing Associate