It will be love at first – and last – bite of Masseria’s prix fixe menu – offered nightly a 4 courses at $98 per person, and 5 courses at $115 per person. We also offer the La Cucina Menu, a 6 course tasting menu, created for each guest at $143 per person – The menus at Masseria each showcase a deeply satisfying range of chef Nick Stefanelli’s signature cuisine: inventive and elegant, inspired by his love of the Italian coast, and subject to masterful flights of his culinary imagination. Nestled in the emerging and bustling Union Market district, Masseria is a chic and cosmopolitan Italian enclave preparing modern interpretations of cherished dishes and authentic favorites of the country’s foodways. Each course will become a virtual trip to the lovely seaside of Puglia.



Try our new tasting menu, O.G., that we have created to honor and pay respect to the Chefs from Washington, DC who started our city's culinary journey. Their talent and hard work have elevated our city, and it is with the deepest humility that we replicate their dishes at Masseria. This new menu will be available as an option through June 15th.

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